Martina Rosická MD, PhD

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  • We  7,30 - 15,30
  • Lunch time 12,00-13,00
  • 7,30 - 8,30 blood tests

Obesitology, endocrinolgy

Radka Jedličková MD

  • Mo 8,00 - 16,00
  • Tu 8,00 - 16,00
  • We 13,00 - 19,00
  • Th 8,00 - 16,00
  • Fr 8,00 - 15,00
  • Lunch time 12,00-13,00

Ultrasound and cytology

Jan Jiskra MD, PhD

  • Th 14,00 - 19,00

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Wellcome! We congratulate you on your decision to change your lifestyle.

If you have previously tried to lose weight you know how hard it is. And each next attempt is getting even harder. It is difficult to change one´s habits. For succes, you need a lot of time and a strong will. Each new change in life is difficult, especially in the case of a change for a life-time.

We don´t offer to you any fashionable diet or a miraculous way how to lose weight, because no such way exists. To lose weight and sustain the new weight is always a long process. What we are offering to you, is a guidance in changing your lifestile that will lead to a lasting effect not only in losing your weight, but also achieving a new, good feeling of life. 

We wish you a lot of succes!

Methods of treatment of obesity

  • Change of diet. Detailed analysis of the current diet and formation of optimal individual nutritional plan.
  • Increased physical activity. Under the guidance of an experienced coach.
  • Medicaments. In selected cases.
  • Psychological support. In selected cases.
  • Bariatric surgery. Only in severe obesity or complications of obesity.